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Privacy Policy

At Payday Loans With Installments, we have taken special initiatives to maintain the privacy and safety of the information provided by you. Please read the privacy policy carefully before browsing through the website. You can rest assured that the personal details that you forward us will never be misused by us.

Just like other websites, we make use of log files as well. Inside log files, you can find information such as your IP address, date and time of your visit, internet service provider, type of browser and so on. Such information is collected solely to track users movement, interest and to gather demographic information.

While applying for the loan services available at Payday Loans With Installments, you may need to provide information such as name, address, email ID, bank account detail and so on. Such information is collected to help you find an apt loan deal as per your needs. We will never sell or share such information with any third party without your prior knowledge.

The terms and conditions of Payday Loans With Installments are subjected to change as we extend our websites or add other services. If any such changes are made, we will publish it. So, you are requested to visit us at regular interval to stay updated of such changes.